4 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

4 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Here are some of the most eco-friendly cleaning products available in the market.


In-house household essentials brand by Target called Everspring is about straightforward comprehension and sustainability. It contains ingredient lists that are relatively easy to understand so that the buyer knows what is in the product and what is absent. Most of the bottles are made of fifty per cent or more recycled materials. It is formulated in the absence of certain chemicals found in cleaning products, like propyl parabens or phthalates. Also, the products look nice.


Clean-Up Kit

Blueland is a relatively new sustainable consumer products brand, with a goal to drastically decrease the need for single-use plastic. Blueland’s debut Clean-Up Kit contains its Forever Bottles which are reusable. They are shatterproof, BPA-free, and designed to last for a long time. It also has Refill Tablets that make cleaning solutions for multiple surfaces such as glass, mirror and bathroom messes. Their innovative format makes the products much smaller, easier to ship and lighter. Every one of Blueland’s tablets, which come wrapped in compostable paper, makes twenty ounces of cleaner for reusable bottles. Cleaning bottles has never been easier; just fill the container with water and drop it in the tablet – that is all there is to it. With only 2 dollars for refills, these cleaning solutions have a lot going for them. The ingredient lists are transparent, its components are safe for adults, pets and kids, and the scents are really great.

Clean-Up Kit

The founder of Package Free Shop, Lauren Singer, is dedicated to zero-waste products and is quite famous for keeping four years worth of trash packed in a single mason jar, so it makes sense to follow her lead. In her selection of Zero Waste Kits is a kit dedicated for cleaning. The bag, made with drawstring produce, contains copper pot scrubbers, a plant-fibre dish brush, a spray bottle with five different cleaning solution recipes, a mason jar soap dispenser and a cotton towel. If a buyer needs to get rid of any of the Clean Up Kit items, the correct way to break down and recycle each one is also thoroughly explained.

CounterCulture Probiotic Cleaning Tonic


The probiotic products from CounterCulture make use of good bacteria to break down household grime and dirt. The founder of CounterCulture, Michelle Perkins, made it her life’s mission to get rid of all the harmful chemicals from her house after her daughter locked herself in the bathroom and got into the dangerous cleaners. The child was safe and sound after the incident, but the experience pushed Michelle to find a way to clean her home without toxic and environmentally endangering ingredients.


In today’s eco-sensitive world, with natural disasters becoming more frequent, it is becoming increasingly important to move towards sustainability. These companies are making that move, and hopefully, more companies will invest in it as well in the future.

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