5 Advantages Of Installing Carpets As Part Of Home Improvement

5 Advantages Of Installing Carpets As Part Of Home Improvement

Here are some of the advantages of installing carpets at home.


Despite hardwood and other hard surfaces taking up pages of interior design magazines, carpets have a style of their own. From elegant and luxurious to comfy and casual, carpets can give an entirely different feel to a room by only changing the style of the carpet. Consider a patterned short-pile carpet for a formal room or a long ornate one for a more casual space.


After a while is spent walking or standing on concrete or ceramic tiles, your body can become sore and achy. Hard surfaces offer absolutely no flexibility under the feet. Hence they cannot act as shock absorbers. This means that as you walk across a hard surface floor, the body receives a bit of a jolt every time you take a step as the body, instead of the floor, absorbs the force of the impact. If you ever need your carpets cleaned, it is always best to hire a carpet cleaning company. If you happen to live in the California, here is a Roseville CA carpet cleaning company.


Carpets not only feel nice to walk on, sit and lay on, they also provide shock absorption thanks to its cushioning and flexibility. This effect is amplified manifold if there is an underpad beneath the carpet. Therefore, the carpet is more comfortable to the touch, while at the same time also more comfortable on the body while standing or walking on it over a long period of time.



Carpets provide exceptional insulation for a space, even more than hard surface flooring materials. A thicker carpet offers a higher degree of insulation factor, known as the R-value, irrespective of the fibre type of the carpet. The underpad also had its own R-value, and the use of underpad along with the carpet merged the R-value of each material, hence giving greater insulation. Decreasing heat loss meant that the carpet could help save on the costs related to heating a house, like natural gas or electricity. For regions that experience cold winters, this could potentially lead to significant cost savings every year.


There has been a long debate about whether carpets alleviate or aggravate health problems like allergies and asthma. For years, people with respiratory concerns used to be advised to rip up the carpets in their homes and replace it with hard flooring. However, several studies over the years have consistently proven that carpets are actually more beneficial than hard surface floors for those with breathing difficulty.


Sound carries much further in the absence of any carpets. You have probably been in a room that does not have a carpet and noticed that sound seems to bounce off the walls and create an echo. This is because hard surfaces cannot absorb sound the same way that soft surfaces like a carpet can. Carpets contribute to a much quieter living space.


A carpet can add a completely different look and feel to the room. They can add comfort, warmth and a considerable amount of noise cancellation.

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