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Kitchen Is King

Find the best kitchen renovation ideas from our experts to build a smart kitchen.

Attic Renovation

Convert your attic into another room for the best escape from your home whenever needed.

Boost the Bathroom

We provide the best bathroom fixtures available in the market that offer luxury style settings at the best prices.

Update Plumbing

Our professionals will run a complete inspection around the house to spot any defects in plumbing to run a quick repair.

Adding Attic Insulation

Control the temperature of your home in all seasons using the right insulation treatments for your home.

Front Yard Makeover

Connect with our gardening experts and professionals to create a beautiful and welcoming front yard for your home.

Improves The Safety & Comfort

Our team of professionals is highly qualified to understand what you need for your home. Our modern equipment and a team of home interior designers make sure that you receive the best safe and comfortable with the latest settings available.
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Home Improvement Ideas For DIY Beginners

Cabinet Pulls

Make a cleaner and spacious setting for your kitchen with modern cabinets.

Replace Torn Window Screens

Upgrade your windows for a brighter cleaner setting using simple methods.

Fix the Door Hinges

Quick repair the door hinges using the tips from our experts.

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Top 3 Lawn Mowing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Do you know one of the biggest causes of lawn problems? It’s improper mowing. That’s right. Improper mowing is the reason your lawn sucks! When you don’t mow your lawn the right way it can lead to all sorts of problems. According to Jason from Eau Claire Lawn Care the good news is, fixing this problem is very easy.

Here are the top 3 lawn mistakes you want to avoid:

Mistake #1 – Mowing Too Often

While there is no set number of days you should wait between cuts, you want to make sure you aren’t mowing off more than 1/3 of the height of the grass.

The season you are in will ultimately determine how often you should cut. If the grass is growing fast, you will need to cut it more often. Just remember the 1/3 rule. If you are cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass you will be doing more harm than good.

Mistake #2  – Mowing Too Low

This is continuing on what we just discussed. Cutting off more than 1/3 of your lawn is the biggest mistake you can make. This is known as scalping and it will leave your lawn susceptible to weeds.

It will also make it more difficult for your lawn to cope with even the slightest drought. The key is to try and maintain a balance between the size of the root system and the length of the blades. When you do this your grass will be healthy and better able to handle different kinds of stress.

Mistake #3 – Cutting The Same Way Every Time

If you want your grass to look absolutely amazing, you must switch up the pattern when you mow. Varying the pattern will help the blades grow stronger and healthier.

Generally speaking, the grass blades will grow in the same direction they were mowed. Alternating the pattern will help the blades maintain an upright position. This will also ensure you don’t develop ruts in your yard.

And there you have it. The three biggest mistakes homeowners make when cutting their lawns. Avoid these mistakes and you are sure to have a beautiful lawn all year round.

4 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Here are some of the most eco-friendly cleaning products available in the market.


In-house household essentials brand by Target called Everspring is about straightforward comprehension and sustainability. It contains ingredient lists that are relatively easy to understand so that the buyer knows what is in the product and what is absent. Most of the bottles are made of fifty per cent or more recycled materials. It is formulated in the absence of certain chemicals found in cleaning products, like propyl parabens or phthalates. Also, the products look nice.


Clean-Up Kit

Blueland is a relatively new sustainable consumer products brand, with a goal to drastically decrease the need for single-use plastic. Blueland’s debut Clean-Up Kit contains its Forever Bottles which are reusable. They are shatterproof, BPA-free, and designed to last for a long time. It also has Refill Tablets that make cleaning solutions for multiple surfaces such as glass, mirror and bathroom messes. Their innovative format makes the products much smaller, easier to ship and lighter. Every one of Blueland’s tablets, which come wrapped in compostable paper, makes twenty ounces of cleaner for reusable bottles. Cleaning bottles has never been easier; just fill the container with water and drop it in the tablet – that is all there is to it. With only 2 dollars for refills, these cleaning solutions have a lot going for them. The ingredient lists are transparent, its components are safe for adults, pets and kids, and the scents are really great.

Clean-Up Kit

The founder of Package Free Shop, Lauren Singer, is dedicated to zero-waste products and is quite famous for keeping four years worth of trash packed in a single mason jar, so it makes sense to follow her lead. In her selection of Zero Waste Kits is a kit dedicated for cleaning. The bag, made with drawstring produce, contains copper pot scrubbers, a plant-fibre dish brush, a spray bottle with five different cleaning solution recipes, a mason jar soap dispenser and a cotton towel. If a buyer needs to get rid of any of the Clean Up Kit items, the correct way to break down and recycle each one is also thoroughly explained.

CounterCulture Probiotic Cleaning Tonic


The probiotic products from CounterCulture make use of good bacteria to break down household grime and dirt. The founder of CounterCulture, Michelle Perkins, made it her life’s mission to get rid of all the harmful chemicals from her house after her daughter locked herself in the bathroom and got into the dangerous cleaners. The child was safe and sound after the incident, but the experience pushed Michelle to find a way to clean her home without toxic and environmentally endangering ingredients.


In today’s eco-sensitive world, with natural disasters becoming more frequent, it is becoming increasingly important to move towards sustainability. These companies are making that move, and hopefully, more companies will invest in it as well in the future.

4 Signs You Need An Exterior Door Replacement

Exterior Door Replacement

When thinking about windows and doors, the last thing that gets assessed is the windows and doors’ condition. It is always a good idea to make sure that the home is adequately insulated in any weather. Keeping the windows and doors in working condition is absolutely vital for all homeowners, and checking their functionality and safety from time to time is highly recommended. This is true, especially when planning to sell the house in the next few years. If considering selling your house now or in the near future and having older, poorly operating or inefficient windows, it is an excellent time to replace them. Homebuyers are being drawn to homes with energy-efficient upgrades such as new doors and windows.

As a house ages, so does everything within and outside it. There will be something to repair or replace around the house as time goes by from the shingles on the roof to the floorboards in the living room. Even though they generally have a lifespan of a few decades, there are often easy signs to know whether or not to replace windows and doors.

The Doors Lack Curb Appeal

Doors Lack Curb Appeal

The front door is like the focal point of a house. The impression given by the front door can either make or break the curb appeal of the home. If the door is outdated, it might even reduce the house’s rate of interest while selling. From choosing the right door knocker to picking the right colour, there are several ways its look can be improved. Upgrading the door to new steel fibreglass not only looks fantastic, but it can also potentially raise the value of the house.

You Feel a Draft

Feel a Draft

A front door replacement is an absolute necessity if the cold air is finding its way into the house. Gaps form between the door and the frame over time naturally, and a new door is the only possible solution. Upgrading the door will not only keep the draft out but will also lower the cost of utilities in the long-term.

The Doors Are Weathered or Cracked

Weathered or Cracked

Just as with any fixture in the house, front doors are also subject to wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions can cause the door to crack and warp, meaning that it will cease to function over time as it should. Any signs of damage should be a red flag towards an exterior door replacement.

Feeling Unsafe

Feeling Unsafe

It is probably a good idea to invest in a stronger door if you feel unsafe in your own home; one that is more resistant to forced entry. Some door manufacturers offer glazing designed to protect against break-ins.


Doors might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to home improvements, but they are a vital part of the house. Keeping the doors in good condition makes sure that the house has good appeal while at the same time, providing security as well.

5 Advantages Of Installing Carpets As Part Of Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Here are some of the advantages of installing carpets at home.


Despite hardwood and other hard surfaces taking up pages of interior design magazines, carpets have a style of their own. From elegant and luxurious to comfy and casual, carpets can give an entirely different feel to a room by only changing the style of the carpet. Consider a patterned short-pile carpet for a formal room or a long ornate one for a more casual space.


After a while is spent walking or standing on concrete or ceramic tiles, your body can become sore and achy. Hard surfaces offer absolutely no flexibility under the feet. Hence they cannot act as shock absorbers. This means that as you walk across a hard surface floor, the body receives a bit of a jolt every time you take a step as the body, instead of the floor, absorbs the force of the impact. If you ever need your carpets cleaned, it is always best to hire a carpet cleaning company. If you happen to live in the California, here is a Roseville CA carpet cleaning company.


Carpets not only feel nice to walk on, sit and lay on, they also provide shock absorption thanks to its cushioning and flexibility. This effect is amplified manifold if there is an underpad beneath the carpet. Therefore, the carpet is more comfortable to the touch, while at the same time also more comfortable on the body while standing or walking on it over a long period of time.



Carpets provide exceptional insulation for a space, even more than hard surface flooring materials. A thicker carpet offers a higher degree of insulation factor, known as the R-value, irrespective of the fibre type of the carpet. The underpad also had its own R-value, and the use of underpad along with the carpet merged the R-value of each material, hence giving greater insulation. Decreasing heat loss meant that the carpet could help save on the costs related to heating a house, like natural gas or electricity. For regions that experience cold winters, this could potentially lead to significant cost savings every year.


There has been a long debate about whether carpets alleviate or aggravate health problems like allergies and asthma. For years, people with respiratory concerns used to be advised to rip up the carpets in their homes and replace it with hard flooring. However, several studies over the years have consistently proven that carpets are actually more beneficial than hard surface floors for those with breathing difficulty.


Sound carries much further in the absence of any carpets. You have probably been in a room that does not have a carpet and noticed that sound seems to bounce off the walls and create an echo. This is because hard surfaces cannot absorb sound the same way that soft surfaces like a carpet can. Carpets contribute to a much quieter living space.


A carpet can add a completely different look and feel to the room. They can add comfort, warmth and a considerable amount of noise cancellation.

How To Make Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Replace The Roof

Energy-efficient home improvements are worthwhile for two main reasons. Such upgrades can help cut down on costs for essential utilities and other long-term bills. Reducing individual carbon footprints can also help reduce a person’s overall impact on the environment.
Here are some home upgrades that can help you make your home more sustainable.

Repair or Replace The Roof

Between the freezing temperatures in the winter to the summer’s sizzling heat, the roof takes the main brunt of seasonal weather changes. It would be a good idea to replace the roof if it is older than twenty years, especially if you experience leaks or notice shingles missing, curling or cracking.


After removing the old shingles, consider using materials such as clay or sheet metal rather than asphalt. They will help reflect heat instead of absorbing it, naturally keeping the house cooler. If there is no need to replace the roof completely, try adding a cool roof coating to help reflect heat.

Add Extra Layers of Insulation

None of the changes made on the roof will account for any improvement in home energy efficiency unless the house is equipped with a quality ventilation system. Make sure that all the areas in the house like basements, crawl spaces, and attics are well insulated.

Layers of Insulation

This will help keep the warm or cool air inside, significantly reducing the heating and cooling costs, and improving the overall comfort level in your home.

Upgrade Appliances

An energy-efficient upgrade that you can do over time is replacing appliances. Ensure that you know the current appliances’ life expectancy because they might become less energy-efficient towards the end of their life. Washing machines, dryers and refrigerators are at the top of the list for the most energy consumption. Replacing them on an as-needed basis is of prime importance, but at the same time ensure that you do appropriate research on which brands have earned the Energy Star approval seal. Household appliances are responsible for almost 13% of all household energy use. While purchasing appliances, pay attention to two things: the initial purchase price and the annual operating cost. Even though they usually come with a higher purchase price, the higher-efficiency models’ operational costs are 9-25% lower than conventional models.

Replace or Seal Doors and Windows

Seal Doors

If the current windows are over two decades old, it is best to begin considering replacing them with more efficient models. If there is no immediate need of a full window replacement, upgrading to storm windows is an economical and easy way to raise the efficiency of age-old, single-pane windows. Windows are a significant source of energy wastage that can amount to 10-25% of the total heating bill. Depending on the climate, Energy Star windows can save 20 to 95 dollars per year on utility bills.


Energy efficiency is of prime importance now than ever before because of climate change taking place worldwide. We have to do our part, and this is the least we can do.